Gold Separates From Saretta Boutique


Hello again, my loves! I’m back again; this time, I’m collaborating with Saretta in Moy Village. Having recently moved back to my family home (after living in Belfast for three years), I’ve decided to give a voice to the wonderful boutiques and independent stores in my locality. Saretta is one of these gems. My experience in store was very positive: The staff were friendly; the selection of clothes was fantastic; and the discounts were even better. Saretta is my new local go-to!

This post comes at a good time if you’re a local reader of mine – as Saretta are now having a massive “Up To 70% Off” sale in their boutique. This beautiful two-piece skirt/top ensemble that I’m sporting is now in the sale, as are the cute sunglasses! I adore the gold and foiled effect of this outfit. Plus separates are always a great idea, as the top and/or the skirt can be worn at other occasions with a different top/skirt. This is a great outfit for the summer weather, as the gold shimmers beautifully in the sunlight.



Most important, however, are the price reductions. I couldn’t believe the value this outfit was! I’m sure you’ll all be pleasantly surprised by these mark-downs…

Saretta Sale Prices:

Top: £109.95 (NOW £32.99!)

Skirt: £154.95 (NOW £46.49!)

Sunglasses: £12 (NOW £3.60!)

Total Price: £83.08


What’s not to love?

I’ll be posting more fashion looks from Saretta very soon, so keep an eye on my Katwalk!

Love, Kathryn x


Photography by Liam McArdle


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