kathryn obrien - fashion blogger - kathryns katwalk - model

Kathryn O’Brien is a 23 year-old student of English Literature, currently situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Having grown an eager enthusiasm of fashion styling in her later teenage-years – Upon leaving school, she sought to find her ‘voice’ in the ever-growing and competitive fashion industry.

In 2014, she launched the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, Kathryn’s Katwalk. This soon became a platform of development, for both herself and her growing mass of readers: a place where she shared her own unique styles; personal reviews of products; and lifestyle thoughts. Kathryn’s Katwalk is, first and foremost, a positive and enjoyable site for people to come to – It is a blog for you to come to find inspiration.

Since the creation of Kathryn’s Katwalk, Kathryn has become a rising-face in the online fashion world. Alongside her university studies, she is currently working as a qualified stylist and professional model. With both experience and knowledge under her belt – she is an opinion to trust. Follow her on her style journey, and become inspired!