John Frieda ‘Frizz Ease’ Collection

john frieda frizz ease collection

For any of those unfortunate souls that have laid eyes on my natural, air-dried hair – you’ll know that I suffer from extreme frizz. I’m not one of those lucky ladies that was born with beautifully shaped hair; I don’t have naturally straight, wavy or curly hair. Instead, I was blessed with frizz. And in all honesty, my hair does require a lot of effort and maintenance to make it smooth. (more…)

Carvela Kurt Geiger: ‘Nude’ Essentials


carvela kurt geiger nude heels and clutch bagIt’s not a secret that I’m a Kurt Geiger footwear fan. In fact, my favourite pair of heels in my shoe-wardrobe are these blue satin heels by Carvela, which I wore to a wedding last summer (possibly because they were inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo wedding shoes from the movie, Sex And The City). Thus I’ve been searching for an excuse to extend my Kurt Geiger collection, and when I heard that House of Fraser were having a mid-season sale – I was quick to grasp the opportunity. (more…)

La Vie Est Belle

details - rainy days

Alas, I confess that I missed my own photography for this blog. Whilst I love working with professional photographers for this platform, I do enjoy when myself and my boyfriend arrange to meet; Scouting lovely locations for photos; And the fun of snapping pictures together (Of course, he doesn’t enjoy it just as much as me). (more…)

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