Review: BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan ‘Dark Watermelon’


In recent months, the BPerfect Cosmetics ’10 Second Tan’ has received a lot of praise both online and amongst bloggers. Amongst all of the social media posts, from bloggers, surrounding this one product – it might be easy for you to be sceptical. After all, this is a relatively new brand – how do we know that it’s really that good? Therefore I decided that, being a self-confessed false-tan expert, I should try it for myself. This review will be entirely about my real impressions of the 10 Second Tan in ‘Dark Watermelon’. It’s worth noting that this is not sponsored; I bought this product with my own money. I have no obligations to the product or brand, and I’m prepared to give you my totally honest opinion.



To begin with, this tan is extremely easy to apply. It is a liquid formula, which you spray onto your tanning-mitt before smoothing onto your skin. The tan blends easily, and the velvet-feel of the mitt ensures a streak-free application. The colour is very build-able, and I found that I could apply a second layer without any issues. Admittedly, at first, I thought I was going to be disappointed with the colour. It didn’t seem to be dark enough for what I’m accustomed to. Already, I had convinced myself that this false tan wasn’t going to be as wonderful as it’s proclaimed to be. However, I was quickly proved wrong.

After 10 minutes (exactly as it claims on the bottle’s instructions), I was left with a glorious golden tan. The colour is so natural. It wasn’t ‘muddy’, it seems to adapt to your natural skin tone. The product wasn’t ‘stinky’, it smelt of watermelon. My skin wasn’t ‘sticky’, it felt completely dry. Having applied the tan at night time, I pulled on my pyjamas and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, none of the tan had stained my pyjamas. The colour was even darker, and I loved it. As BPerfect claim: This tan lasts up to five days. Everything the product says it does, it actually does.

I decided to experiment a little, and I applied the tan a week later in the morning tan. This decision was brilliant, because (as I’d hoped) it works perfectly as an instant tan. Because it isn’t stick, smells nice, and doesn’t come off on your clothes; it’s brilliant to use on-the-go. Since trying this, I’ve been applying it in the mornings. With such a quick and flawless application , this product is great for the 9-to-5 working girl. It’s hassle-free, and gives almost instant results. I usually have my morning shower; apply the tan; have my breakfast; then I put on my make-up. After that, I’m ready to embrace the day (with a great tan to do it in).



My conclusion: This is the best false tan I’ve ever purchased. And trust me, I’ve purchased a lot. This has far exceeded my expectations, and trumps any tan I’ve previously used. Brands like St. Tropez, Vita LiberataHe-Shi, and even my beloved whitetobrown, simply can’t compare. Honestly, I can’t fault the product – it’s an absolute must-have. I’ve since bought a second bottle, and I will definitely be repurchasing again. The bottle is worth £24.99 – this includes the mitt, however, and the entire bottle lasted me two months. That’s the equivalent of £12.50 a month which (if you’re a regular self-tanner like me) is very economical.

Ladies, trust the hype. Get. This. Tan. You’ll never look back.

BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan in ‘Dark Watermelon’ is available to purchase here.

(You can thank me later)

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