How To: 3 Easy Half-Up Hairstyles

Half-Up Half-Down ThumbnailHello everyone! I’m back, and I’ve decided to switch-things-up-a-bit by doing something a little bit different to my previous posts. What better way to do that than with a hair tutorial?

Let me begin by saying: Anyone who knows me personally is aware that over 50% of the time, I wear my hair in a half-up hairstyle. Why do I do this, you ask? Simply because I’m combining my two favourite hair traits:

  1. Having my hair down
  2. Having my hair out of my face

As a girl who loves styling her hair, whether that be straight or curly, my first preference is always to have my hair down – because it makes me feel more feminine (as silly as that possibly sounds). However, if there’s one thing that I definitely cannot stand: it’s having hair over my face. I’m constantly sweeping it out of my eyes and tucking it behind my ears, because I feel it gets in the way of everything. Therefore, half-ups are the perfect choice for me!

Having said that, I thought I would show you how to do three very quick and easy half-up hairstyles which I love. All of these styles require no heat; can be worn on straight or curly hair; and take only a couple of minutes to do!

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!


The Half-Up Twist

  1. Section your hair from your ears, up. Then tie this top portion of your hair into a normal ponytail.tie-up
  2. Using your index fingers, create a small hole in the base of your ponytail.hole
  3. After you have done this: take your ponytail; flip it into this hole; and pull it down through it.loop through
  4. And tah-dah! This is the final result.BeFunky_P1010452.jpgBeFunky_P1010448.jpgWasn’t that simple? This is how I wear my hair the most often because it’s so easy; taking only a matter of seconds to do. And it leaves my hair still looking full and away from my face – what’s not to like?


The Half-up Hair Bow

  1. Once again, section your hair from your ears and up.Section.jpg
  2. Begin tying this section of hair into a ponytail… However, when you’re coming towards the end of this process, do not pull your ponytail the whole way through the hair tie.ponytail
  3. Split this small bump of hair into two equal halves. This is the first step in creating a “bow” shape.bow
  4. You can then fan both of these “ribbons” of hair out to create a fuller shape. Once you have done this, pin them down onto your
  5. To complete the look, take a small strand of hair from the bottom of the ponytail. Then (in a similar fashion to the previous hair look) create a small gap in the base of your hair bow, looping this strand through it.hairbow
  6. And just like that, you have a half-up hair bow!HairBowI think this style is so much fun: Girly and sweet! Any time I have worn my hair like this, I received a lot of compliments over it. I particularly love how something which has the illusion of being very complicated, is actually extremely simple to do!


The Crown Braid

  1. Begin by taking a section of hair from the side of your face.BeFunky_P1010504.jpg
  2. Next, braid this hair into a regular 3-strand plait, and tie it at the end.plait
  3. In order to make the braid appear larger and fuller, pull gently on each of it’s curves – starting from the top and working your way down.pull
  4. Repeat the exact same steps on the other side of your head – thus, leaving you with two equal braids.two braids
  5. Cross each braid over the back of your head, pinning them almost on top of each other to make them appear as
  6. After you have down this, you should be left with an awkward piece of hair at the end of the second braid you pinned down. In order to hide this, simply tuck it underneath the braid, allowing it to fall down.end
  7. And you’re finished! This is the final result:crown braidDiscliamer: Whilst this hairstyle does work well on straight hair also, my personal preference is to wear it with either curls or waves, as it creates a bohemian effect. This is also one of my favourite hairstyles to wear during the summer.


So there you have it: Three sweet and simple half-up hairstyles that are sure to spark more attention than your regular ponytail!

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’ll be back soon with another post!

Adiós amigos


Photography by Conor O’Brien

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