Product Review: Sleek i-Divine Original Palette

sleek i divine eyeshadow paletteWhy has it taken me this long to discover Sleek MakeUp? Why, oh why? This brand is literally the drugstore answer to all of your high-end cravings. With highlight, contour, brow, blush, eyeshadow and lip palettes to fulfil your every need; Sleek offers the supreme cosmetic quality to justify your ‘#MUA’ Instagram tag, without breaking the bank.

Whilst I was goggling at the Sleek stand in Boots this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice their fabulous collection of eyeshadow palettes called ‘i-Divine’. Twelve wonderful eyeshadow kits, each filled with twelve unique colours – all for only £7.99 each? Forgive me for not being able to resist.

The eyeshadow kit which I snatched from the stand was the i-Divine Original palette, the very first palette of this range to be launched. Sleek’s describes this kit as follows:

The Original contains a variety of highly-pigmented metallic colours, ranging from bronze to purple, allowing you to create endless shimmery looks fit for day or night.”

sleek makeup palettesleek idivine eyeshadow palette colours

In terms of the product’s packaging, I have no complaints. The plastic casing is sturdy, slim and solid, making it very travel-friendly. Inside, the palette has a large (and extremely convenient) compact mirror, as well as a small duo eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. However, I know that this tool will be very much neglected by myself, as I find that these applicators don’t work a marvellous job at packing the colour onto your eyelid. That aside, it was still a cute little feature to include.

sleek idivine palette coloursThe eyeshadows themselves deliver exactly what Sleek promises in their description: Pigmentation, duration and metallic undertones. The colours range from black to blue hues, green tints, brassy bronzes, light purples and a champagne gold. Eleven of the twelve shadows are of a shimmery finish, with the only matte shade being the single black colour.

Whilst the formulation and colours of these eyeshadows are beautiful, I do believe that it would be difficult to use this palette on it’s own for a complete eye look – Only due to the fact that it lacks more matte finishes. However, being someone who usually uses different eyeshadows and palettes in conjunction with each other, this does not particularly bother me.

sleek i divine eyeshadow palette swatches
Top L-R: Black Cab, Royal, London Rain, The Thames, E10, Hyde Park. Bottom L-R: Cream Tea, London Eye, Big Ben, Penny Farthing, Sterling, Banksy

As you can see from the swatches above, these aren’t your typical high-street eyeshadows. You know, the ones that you find yourself sweeping onto your eyelid three or four times to get some sort of colour? Those days are over with the i-Divine palette. The excellent pigmentation of these colours means that only one swirl of your make-up brush in these shadows will suffice. I also found these colours to be extremely long-lasting and easy to blend.

My final verdict? I am very impressed with these eyeshadows. I think I will most certainly find myself getting lost in Boots and finding myself at the Sleek stand more often. My favourite colours of the bunch are ‘The Thames’, a beautiful sky-blue; and ‘Penny Farthing’, a glorious copper colour.

Have any of you tried the i-Divine palettes? Any further thoughts on Sleek MakeUp? And would you like me to do more make-up reviews like these? If the answer is yes, let me know in the comments below!

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Shop the i-Divine Original HERE

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  1. Monika says: Reply

    Really liked this post about sleek’s eyeshadow palette !

    1. Thank you Monika! It’s an awesome palette x

  2. pippa says: Reply

    Looks like such a great selection of colours!! 🙂

    1. It’s fantastic! Couldn’t recommend it more x

  3. These colours look so fun! I personally love the ‘Au Natural’ Palette from Sleek but I’ve been wanting to pick up more so I’ll keep this in mind next time I got to the shops!



    1. Thank you Anjelique! I’ve been meaning to pick up the Au Natural palette for a while now, I’ve heard great reports about it! x

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