Black Lace Dress & Gold Details


Last week, while I was in Dublin, I had allowed myself only fifteen minutes to shop in H&M. That’s right, fifteen minutes exactly. It may not surprise you, but ‘shopping-under-time-pressure’ happens to be one of my special talents. That, and the ability to recite the alphabet backwards. My keen hawk-eyes didn’t discover a lot that I loved, but they did fall upon this black lace dress.

I first noticed this dress while I was shopping in Dundalk at the beginning of the summer. But this time, I decided not to neglect it from a purchase. Such a thing would be cruel – would it not? I adore the eyelash-lace detail, and black happens to be my most-worn colour… If you hadn’t already noticed. This is a great little dress for the hotter weather we’re experiencing in Ireland: As it’s light; comfortable; but smart.

As was probably evident in my Instagram giveaway, I’m a big fan of gold and metallics. So to inject a little more excitement into my outfit, I decided to add some gold hardware with my accessories. I’m loving the ‘corset’ trend lately – I’m a Bridal Stylist, so it’s only natural that I would. Hence why I adore this corset waist belt. But it’s the sunglasses and shoes which give this outfit a funky edge. The art deco feel of these Missguided sunglasses and Willy-Wonka effect of these gold brogues by ASOS added another dimension to the little lace dress.

Who says that a black dress can only be boring?

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Black lace dress: H&M | Gold sunglasses: Missguided | Gold jewellery: New Look | Metallic brogues: ASOS

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