Embellished Jumpsuit & Peach Tones


Continuing from my previous post with Saretta Boutique, I’m now going to show you my favourite piece from their store: This embellished, cape-style jumpsuit. I simply adore the peach tone of this jumpsuit, as it is brighter and suitable for summer. It also has a dazzling cape-design, which is a style that is very much on-trend at the moment. Lastly, I decided to pair the jumpsuit with this cute, light peach handbag. Remember, Saretta are still running their ‘Up To 70% Off Sale’. So if you’re a local reader, then head in store and pick up this jumpsuit while it’s still in stock!

Being a red-head with naturally fair skin, I always had a disinclination to believe that I couldn’t wear  ‘nude’ clothing colours. Recently I’ve discovered – It is irrelevant how fair or dark your skin is; it only matters that the nude-undertone of the clothing you wear compliments your skin-undertone. Because I’m so pale (and have an olive/yellow skin tone) nude colours that are very light or a muted beige colour can drain me, making me look washed-out. If you have a similar complexion to me, nude clothing that is either darker in colour or has a bright/colourful undertone is perfect. Dark tan, peach, and pink nudes all work well for me – as they aren’t blending into my skin. That’s why the peach colour of this jumpsuit is great for fair-skinned girls, like me.

Finally, the cape style that’s ‘in’ at the moment is a style which is worth nodding your head towards. Always remember: The basic principle of body shape styling is to try to recreate ‘the hourglass’. That is – shoulders and hips at the same width, then curving in at the waist. The cape style, similarly to a ‘bardot’ neckline, accentuates the width of your shoulders which thus emphasises the distance from your shoulders to your waist. Hence creating the illusion of a nipped-in or smaller waist. This is why the cape design is so flattering. Plus the embellishment of the cape on this jumpsuit is an added bonus! It’s worth remembering that clothing of nude colours always suits a sparkle in the accessories, as it can add another dimension to the ensemble and make it look less ‘flat’.



Shop The Look:

Embellished Jumpsuit: £43 (Reduced from £143)

Nude Handbag: £12 (Reduced from £40)

Both from Saretta Boutique


Photography by Liam McArdle


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  1. Loving this, the cape trend is going to be huge this year! x


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