Beware Of The Girl In Mongolian Fur

As a stylist and long-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, I become beyond excited when I’m able to scout fresh new talent in the industry. Whether it be a photographer, model, or designer – the thrill of being able to work with an individual of fresh, raw and genuine skill is incomparable.

When I first encountered Chloe Dougan and her exquisite designs, it was by accident. A fantastic accident. Whilst I was browsing through the portfolios of some fashion photographers I’ve come to admire, I stumbled upon a collection of editorial images for Chloe’s clothing. First; I was intrigued by the daring and edgy winter style I was being absorbed by. Second; I was surprised (to say the very least) that it was the first time I had heard of her. Especially now that I have worn her brilliantly crafted garments and felt her luxuriously soft fur materials, it gives me more determination than anything to promote the local fashion talent that Belfast and Northern Ireland has to offer.

To succeed in my mission of promoting the lovely Chloe, I called upon the talent of Johnny Frazer. Not even 20 years old, and with an exceptional eye for capturing cinematic and dynamic moments, Johnny was the perfect accomplice for the photo-shoot. When I was short-listing potential photographers for the task, Johnny’s images had an edge and slant that separated himself from all other contenders. He was a pleasure to work with.

And now, the rest is for you to enjoy! This is the first of a two-part blog-post promotion for Chloe Dougan Design. All of her garments are available at Studio Souk in Belfast’s city centre. Call-in; pick up a piece; and help to support our local designers.

See you again in Part 2,


Cape, Fur Scarf, Top & Trousers: ALL by Chloe Dougan Design

Gloves & Boots: My own

Photography: By Johnny Frazer

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  1. bonita says: Reply

    you look so amazing! love your hair x

    1. Thanks so much! X

  2. Faye says: Reply

    Lovely the drama of this outfit 🙂 Your hair is such a beautiful shade too.

    Faye x

    i wish i could wink

    1. Thanks Faye! X

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