She Can’t Be Tamed

Welcome to Part Two! If you’ve read part one of this short series, you’ll already be aware that this blog post will be primarily focusing upon the imaginative designs of Chloe Dougan. Former student of Textile Art, Design with Fashion at Ulster University; Chloe has quickly established herself as a young entrepreneur and rising artist of fashion design. She has been featured on the runways of Belfast Fashion Week and won multiple awards for her innovative designs in Northern Ireland.

Her designs are well recognised as being edgy and feminine with strong elements of leathers, suedes and lace.

In this concluding post, I wish to reign-in on the ‘edgy’ element of her designs. This black, sip top paired with the fur stole, with suede straps add that extra wow factor to any outfit. Here, I decided to introduce a more evening-suitable element to this coupling; with a pair of heels, skinny jeans and a studded clutch.

I hope you all enjoy these photographs, taken by Johnny Frazer, as well is the styling involved. If you take anything from this post, let it be that you needn’t search far and wide for unique labels – There are wonderful designers right at your doorstep!

Wishing each and every one of you a happy New Year,


Photo by Johnny Frazer - Photo by Johnny Frazer - Photo by Johnny Frazer - Photo by Johnny Frazer - Photo by Johnny Frazer - Photo by Johnny Frazer -

Top & Fur Stole: by Chloe Dougan

Jeans, Shoes, Bangle, Earrings & Clutch: My own

Photography by Johnny Frazer

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