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This is a post that excites me so much, I’m almost expecting the fluttering butterflies in my tummy to burst-free from my body. For a long time I have been craving a more polished, clean and classic approach to this blog; and the only way to achieve that is by acquiring the best resources.

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The first thing you need is the clothing. Not just any old clothing. Clothing which makes a statement. The type of clothing one would expect to wave frantically at visiting readers, calling out, “Look at me! Look at me!” Every fashion blogger is always on the hunt to track-down that one unique piece which will have their audience anxiously waiting to find out where it was purchased.

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In this case, it’s all about this Girls On Film dress. With a satin-finish; exposed back; pinched waist; and pleated skirt – it’s a coco-chanel take on a 1950’s prom-dream. Admittedly, I sometimes find my figure can appear quite android and unfeminine due to my lack of curves. The kind of curves which mimic the curves of an hour-glass. The kind of curves most women strive to resemble. Therefore, I find a hugged waist with a flared skirt helps me to conjure this illusion of a woman with curves.

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Loyally following the vintage-style of the dress, I included a matching hair-band from Accessorize which compliments both the material and colour of the garment exquisitely. Finally, to add some sparkle (and an added façade of luxury) I included both silver and diamanté features with my bracelet, shoes and earrings.

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After the blogger scouts the outfit, she then must have the best editorial resources. I was fortunate enough to work with the incredible Big Bad Llama (otherwise known as Tony Webster) on this project. Having been featured by publishers such as Vogue Italia, his fashion-portfolio places him in great-stead among the photography industry. Thank you, Tony, for these beautiful images.

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I couldn’t be more satisfied with how this post has turned-out. The cinematic nature of the images, as well the retro-vibes radiating from the styling, creates the effect of a film to me. A cool, old-style film you might have watched at a car-park cinema, with the roof-down on your Mustang. It’s just fitting that I’ve been watching a lot of Hitchcock films lately, as I feel a Grace Kelly aura from Rear Window being mimicked here. The fact she was also a red-head prior to that film supports this wishful-hope of mine.

Reality-check: I’ll never be like Grace Kelly. But a girl will always dream!

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    Great location! awesome photoshoot. Truly loved it 🙂 keep posting!

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