Tantastic ‘Fast Drying Self Tan’ Lotion

tantastic fast drying self tan lotion

When Tantastic contacted me to ask if I’d like to try/test their new Fast Drying Self Tan LotionI was very excited. For those of you who don’t know, I’m naturally very fair-skinned (to a point were I can look a little unwell). Thus I’m a regular user of self-tans, as I feel I look a lot healthier with the added hint of colour to my skin. I’ve regularly been using whitetobrown self-tan for a long time now, so I was very eager to try out a new brand, as well as a fresh formula!

tantastic fast drying self tan

I was sent a box by Tantastic, which contained the Fast Drying Self Tan Lotion in the colour ‘medium’. There was also a mitt included in the box, which I thought was great! I rather liked how the self tan was in a squeezy-tube as well, as it makes things a lot easier when it comes to applying the lotion, and you’ll be able to avail of more product in the long-run.

Upon first application of the lotion to my legs, I was kindly graced by the product’s perfumed scent. There was zero trace of that horrible ‘self tan’ smell, which I’ve forced myself to become accustomed to. Secondly, I noticed that the colour-guide had quite a vibrant olive-green hue. In my experience, olive-toned self tans leave my skin with the most natural-looking tan – although I hadn’t used one that was quite as vibrant as this particular lotion.

I found the lotion very easy to apply and to blend: It was neither patchy, nor streaky. It was quite moisturising in fact, and absorbed into my skin very well. It didn’t necessarily feel ‘dry’, but my skin felt hydrated and (more importantly) it did not feel sticky! My skin just felt as though I had applied a great moisturiser, I didn’t feel uncomfortable and my skin didn’t feel tacky whatsoever.

tantastic fast drying self tan lotion and mitt

Having applied the tan before I went to bed, I showered the next morning. In the end, I was left with a very natural, golden tan. I was initially apprehensive of using a ‘medium’ tan as I always felt that, being so fair-skinned, ‘dark’ tans made the biggest difference to my skin. But this tan was so natural looking, that I may have been converted to using lighter-coloured self tans! I was left with no tanning faux-pas’ – No orange knuckles, knees nor ankles. And I loved the end result. Plus, because my skin felt so smooth and non-sticky after application, the colour did not transfer onto my bed sheets and pyjamas (and were left with that lovely perfumed scentl!)

Overall, this might be my new favourite self-tan; it was a joy to use. Bravo, Tantastic!

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  1. Angela Cassidy says: Reply

    Would love to try☺

    1. You should, I was very impressed! 🙂

  2. Emma says: Reply

    The tan sounds amazing!! I too am really fair skinned and use fake tan every couple of days. Im in need of some more so I’ll definitely be checking these out!

    Emma at http://www.collagemepretty.com

    1. Definitely do! I also highly recommend the He-Shi ‘Dark Foaming Mousse’ – I tried it out recently and it’s fab! X

  3. Josipa says: Reply

    I need to try this one!


    1. For sure! X

  4. this looks so nice!! 🙂

    x tiphaine

    1. It’s wonderful! X

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