Navy Sparkles, Courtesy of Ariella London


I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to be blogging again. Over the past few months, I decided to take a break from my Katwalk – focusing solely on my university studies and different jobs. But whilst I feel that a break was much needed, I felt a vacancy and void in my life whilst I wasn’t blogging. The good news is that I’ve fallen back in love with blogging again, and that I’ve all the more realised how important my Katwalk is to me.


For this post, I am sharing my ensemble for my final year University formal (or ‘prom’). Having shopped at Ariella London two years previously, I decided to return to this brilliant online brand for a second time. I fell in love with this ‘Rolo’ Embellished Halterneck Dress whilst browsing their website; becoming doubly infatuated when I noticed a price reduction from £300 to £149. Imagine my delight when I discovered that there was one more of my size left. Into my shopping cart you go!


I adored the sparkles, glamour and elegance of the gown. Navy is also one of my favourite colours: It’s ever-so-slightly more versatile than black, as it can be worn during Spring or Summer without looking too ‘Winter-y’. In the boutique where I work, Blush Belfast, I’ve noticed more and more women purchasing navy maxi dresses for black-tie occassions. Alongside this, the navy beading and sequins are intricate and added a luxurious feel to the look. Sequinned sparkles have been another trend for prom this past year!


My hair was yet another fabulous creation from my hair stylist, Rose Alexis. If any of you ladies are near the Belfast area, and are on the hunt for a phenomenal hair stylist or are craving a hair transformation, Rose is your woman! She’s now the only hair stylist that I trust with my hair. Rose asked me what I wanted, and I replied, “I think maybe just an up-do, with a braid somewhere”. Soon after, I was blown away by what she created. She never fails to amaze me!



It was a little emotional for me, as I realised that my University years with these three beautiful ladies were coming to an end. I adore the friendship the four of us have – because it’s real. We are never ashamed to be 100% ourselves around each other, and we enjoy each other’s faults just as much as our attributes. I hope other women can experience friendships like these at some point during their lives, because it’s made mine all the more delightful.


My gorgeous girls purchased their gowns at House of CB and Coast. We definitely saved our favourite formal dresses for our final year, as it should be!


Thank you also to my brother, Conor O’Brien, for his handy photography skills!



Rolo Embellished Halterneck Dress: Ariella London



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  1. You all look gorgeous in your beautiful dresses! Time pass so fast and university will have an end but I am sure you guys will still have a strong bond to each other.



    1. Thank you so much, Nhi! Means a lot. We’ll miss each other so so much, but we’ll always be close at heart! X

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