Pia Rossini Winter Accessories


Today, I’d like to introduce you to some staple Winter accessories that I’ve been loving this season. As I spoke about in my previous post, Winter fashion is all about the layering of different materials, fabrics, and garments. These pieces can involve different textures (such as faux-fur, velvet, or wool) to create a more dynamic look. The easiest and quickest way to achieve this look is through your use of key Winter accessories. Scarves, hats, bags, gloves, wraps… There are endless accessories that I (guiltily) love to buy every year for my Winter wardrobe.

Thankfully for myself, I happened to stumble across a great online clothing store called Pia Rossini. I was completely taken-away by their fantastic collection of Winter accessories. All of which appeared to be trendy, chic, and well-crafted. My eyes landed on the ‘Alice’ Wrap and ‘Harlem’ Bag online, and a few days later they had been delivered to my home. I’ve worn these two items countless times already. The wrap is a perfect throw-over; providing so much warmth and cosiness. As for the bag; it matches almost every ensemble and is extremely durable.

I’m very impressed with this brand, so much so that I decided to take this blog post one step further. Not only am I going to show you my ‘OOTD’ photos, but I have included links at the end of this post to other Pia Rossini Winter accessories which I love.

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More Pia Rossini Winter Accessories That I’m Loving

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