Luxury Winter Fashion Fabrics To Invest In


Today I’m collaborating with Radley London to discuss three of my favourite luxury fashion fabrics, for you to invest in this winter. If any of you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of high-street price tags in fashion. There’s nothing I love more than finding the perfect “grab and out-the-door” handbag for under £30. Or an oversized-scarf from Primark that will see you through the colder months… Having said that, there is definite practical (and literal) value in investing in the presence of luxurious materials in your wardrobe. Not only do these materials look stunning – but they are durable, and will last you for multiple Autumn/Winter seasons to come. Therefore, I thought  I would inform you of what my ‘Katwalk’-recommended luxury fashion materials are for winter.




Historically associated with nobility (due to having origins of high-production costs in Far-Eastern countries); velvet, velour or velveteen is a material which is steeped in luxury. Not only is it very pleasing on the eye, but it is soft and comfortable. Plus it provides a lot more warmth than your typical materials such as crepe or linen. I especially love wearing velvet in my Winter evening-wear outfits. It adds a touch more practicality, as well as beauty, to any ensemble!




When I consider the advantages of leather as a material, I often think of my studies in English Literature. Leather is commonly regarded as the best material to bind a book. It is durable; flexible; offers protection from heat and humidity; and prevents natural erosion. Thus, when we consider the practical usage of leather in fashion, the same applies. Take this Radley ‘Liverpool Street’ Handbag, for example. This is the best quality bag I own for keeping my items safe, and it will last me for many upcoming seasons. This is a must-have purchase, and this particular leather is incredibly soft. Not to mention, the bottle green colour is major AW17 trend!




The idea of fur in fashion doesn’t come without it’s controversies. In a literal sense, fur is possibly the best insulating material to wear and serves for many practical reasons, especially in colder countries. However, if real-fur goes against your grain, then there is most definitely a fine selection of faux-fur clothing available in modern mainstream fashion retail. And, thankfully, this seems to be growing: with major designers such as Ralph Lauren now showing their support of faux-fur practices. If you are going to purchase a faux-fur clothing item, however, I would advise to be selective of which to buy. I currently own many faux-fur scarves which are wonderful for keeping me warm, but I have previously owned many faux-fur items which have done no such thing. But there are definitely great quality faux-fur items to be had – and it can’t be denied how pretty it looks!





Photography by Liam McArdle

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