International Women’s Day: #Right2SuitUp

h and m suit womensIn light of International Women’s Day taking place this week, myself and over 500 other bloggers have decided to commemorate the event in our own unique way: By posting pictures of ourselves suited-up! Amongst all of the ensembles the world has to offer, none is quite so empowering or influential as the suit. With wearing a suit comes similar connotations of authority, strength and power – which is exactly what the female race are celebrating this week. It may be difficult to comprehend, especially in this day and age, that women had once been arrested for wearing trousers in public. Even more incredulous is the fact that this happened less than 100 years ago. So now we are celebrating a woman’s right to wear what she pleases; but particularly those of both trousers and blazers.

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them”

Search for the hashtag #Right2SuitUp to see all of our creations, and join in the fun!

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Steal My Style

  1. Blazer: H&M
  2. Trousers: H&M
  3. Shirt: H&M
  4. Shoes: New Look
  5. Bag: New Look
  6. Watch: New Look
  7. Belt: H&M


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