Spring Haul: Primark, Boots & River Island

DSCN3190Guess what? I’m back again!

I literally feel like I’ve snuggled myself into a “blogging comfort zone” lately. When I look back at myself when I first started blogging, I often recall episodes of feeling anxious and under pressure; constantly feeling the need to retain a standard of so called ‘perfection’ before I clicked the “publish” button at the end of editing a post. I have been blogging for the best part of eight months now, and throughout that time I feel that I have certainly learned a lot. I’m finally beginning to pick up the pieces of what makes blogging a pleasurable activity. After all, my first and final; intention with ‘Kathryn’s Katwalk’ was to create a fun and positive space for myself and others. And now that I have gained the much needed skills to be a dedicated blogger, I also feel that I can truly enjoy myself whilst I blog. As I’m currently pushing in the lettered squares upon my keyboard; I feel completely relaxed and at ease…. And believe me when I say: there is no more satisfying sensation.

But back to the point; today’s post is a Spring 2015 high-street haul, which includes items from Primark, Boots and River Island. I was being very risqué last week and spent miles past my limit when I was in the city centre. I wish I could say, “Oh my student loan came in, so it’s ok”, when the fact of the matter is: I was so overdrawn. (But then again, what’s new?)

I should let you know that now is the perfect time to wander down to the high-street shops; not only are the new Spring collections beginning to pop up, the season sales have also started. That’s right, all the cropped jumpers and ankle books you could possibly want for a fraction of the price. What more could you want?

Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin!


As you can tell from the heading above, the first store which I visited was the one and only, Primark. This is arguably where I had the most fun shopping: Not only do they have a fresh new season of clothing available, but they also had selected items in their sale sections for prices you can’t resist. So if you haven’t visited Primark yet, get down now.

Short-sleeved Jumpers: £3

DSCN3146Yes, you read that right. Three pounds. These were the first pieces I picked up form Primark. The store was littered with little stands that had above signs stating, “ALL items: £3”. Talk about exciting! Living in Ireland, our weather can be rather unpredictable. In the summer, one day could be sunny but the next could possibly be brisk. So I find little items like these come in extremely handy all year round; they keep you warm, but don’t manage to appear overly ‘Winter’.

“No Filter” Tee: £4. White plimsolls: £6

DSCN3153DSCN3157When it come to ‘casual cool’, Primark always claim the trophy. Sometimes I have those days where I’m feeling a more casual and comfortable ensemble, and Primark always have the best cheap clothing available to satisfy this look. With endless varieties of cool plimsolls and quirky tees; they tick all of the boxes.

Statement Necklaces: £8 each

DSCN3151I am being completely and utterly honest when I say: Primark currently have some of the nicest selections of jewellery, above most other shops this season. I in particular was blown away by these two beauties; with their unusual designs and Spring colours, they’re sure to add a statement to any outfit. However be warned, these are labelled as “Limited Edition”, so be sure to grab one soon!

Laced-up Sandals: £18

DSCN3160This has been an ongoing trend for the past couple of years, the laced up sandal. They offer a fresh new take on a  classic summertime look. I’ve been craving a new heeled day-shoe to wear for the warm seasons that are approaching, and these ticked all of the appropriate boxes for me. After having only worn these babies once, I have already received a lot of compliments over them. And for only £18, I really couldn’t resist.


The next place I ventured into was Boots. I had only intended to buy a pair of false eyelashes. Or maybe even a bronzer… But naturally, I left with a lot more than just that… Typical.

Eylure False Lashes: 3 for 2

DSCN3169Eylure will always be my go-to lashes for a night out. I have tried a lot of lashes: MAC, Urban Decay, Ardell… But these are always the one that I return to. I find that they fit the curves of my eyelids the best, and they have an endless variety of different shapes and styles. Also, they come with a tiny adhesive which is very useful to keep in my handbag in the case of me having an ‘eyelash-mishap’. What’s not to like?

Shop Eylure HERE.

Real Techniques: Buy One, Get 2nd At Half Price

DSCN3164When it comes to make-up brushes, I admit, I have a serious addiction. I constantly feel like I need more and more – “But I need one blend out my highlighting concealer!”, “I need a smaller eyeshadow brush…”, “What about a new blending brush?” The list is well and truly endless. However  I really did feel that I needed a new brush for the sole purpose of blending my concealer and foundation. That’s when I picked up the Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’. This fits perfectly into the shadows lurking underneath my eyes. But when I noticed that they were on offer, I had to bag a sneaky little eyeshadow shading brush as well. I’m only human after all.

Shop “Real Techniques” HERE.

Toni & Guy Haircare: 2 for £10


I believe I may have mentioned this reconstruction hair mask in my previous Boots haul, but I really can’t get enough of it. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky, with a healthy shine. Alongside this I bagged a “medium hold” hairspray, as my trusty Elnett Satin was running low, and I had heard that the one and only Zoella was a fan of Toni & Guy hairspray. Therefore I felt it would be wrong not to go for it.

Shop Toni & Guy HERE.

Benefit “Hoola” Bronzer: £23.50

DSCN3177DSCN3181Okay, so I know this one isn’t exactly ‘cheap’. But this is my go-to bronzer and I felt like I had lost a limb when I ran out of it. It’s not too dark and perfectly matte, making it fantastic for contouring too. I have been using this product for a couple of years now, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Shop “Hoola” HERE.

River Island

Diamond Drop Earrings: £10

DSCN3184Like I said, in my opinion Primark seemed to outshine shops, like River Island, this season when it came to jewellery, However, I can always rely on RI to offer me simple statement pieces. On this particular day of shopping, I was in a hurry to find a pair of diamond earrings for that evening. I tried everywhere: New Look, Primark, H&M… Everywhere. But River Island were the only retailer that had exactly what I was looking for. These earrings come in a unique design which offers the main attraction to dangle from behind your ear, as opposed to the front – a cool twist on a classic vintage style. You’ve got to give River Island brownie points for the originality of their designs.

Shop these earrings HERE.

And that concludes my not-so-deserved shopping spree.

Do you like reading posts like this? If so, let me know! Because I know that I certainly enjoy making them.

Have a lovely week!



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  1. Primark is so good for trendier statement jewelry! They’ve always got a great selection and the prices clearly can’t be beat. Those sandals you picked up are so gorgeous as well xx

    Love and Marmalade

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