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For the past few months, my collection of Soap & Glory products has blossomed and flourished. With Boots boasting generous offers and discounts; this affordable brand has found itself in my shopping basket too often. And displaying a delicious range of ‘vintage’ inspired pink-and-white packaging, which I often compare to Benefit Cosmetics, is only more alluring.

But whilst the price and packaging of this collection is a serious selling point – The quality of the products is what encourages me to return to them, again and again. Sweet-smelling, skin-softening… It’s not surprising that I keep re-purchasing them.

Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you my list of Soap & Glory must-haves, and where you can get them!

soap and glory products

Bath & Body Products – ‘3 for 2’ at Boots

  • ‘Sugar Crush’ Body Wash: A refreshing citrus-scented body wash, with the duo-purpose of creating bath bubbles. I pump this into my sponge; lather over my body; and rinse, leaving me feeling fresh.
  • ‘Righteous Butter’ Body Butter: Smooth over your body after showering, leaving your skin feeling soft. And with a gorgeous floral scent, what’s not to like?
  • ‘MIST YOU MADLY’ Body Spray: This aromatic body spray is great for misting over yourself after a warm bubble bath… Or, indeed, any pamper-night you might have!

soap and glory collection

Skincare Essentials – ‘Buy 1 get 2nd half price’ at Boots

  • Face Massage Mini Mitt: Can’t afford the the price-tag of a Clarisonic? This skincare essential is only £4.00, and has quickly become an essential member of my ‘cleansing’ routine. I place a dollop of cleansing gel on this rubber mitt and massage onto my face, using circular motions, morning and night. It eliminates any dirt or grime on my face, whilst gently ex-foliating it too – a must-have!
  • ‘Mighty Mouth’ Supper Glossy Lip Balm: Pucker-up with this rose-tinted lip balm. Great for curing chapped lips; replacing that regular, standard lipgloss in your handbag.
  • ‘No Clogs Allowed’ Super Self-Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask: A lighter face-mask which I use every week. First, I take a small, grape-sized amount on my hand and smooth it over my face. Then, I wet my hands in warm water, and massage the product into my skin (it heats up while I’m doing this and begins to turn blue). I then leave it on my face for ten minutes, feeling it ‘cooling’ down as I do this. Then I wash it off with a damp cloth, and my skin feels fabulous.
  • ‘Beauty Sleep Accelerator’ Night & Flight Moisture Miracle: Whilst I can’t say that I’ve used this product on a long-distance flight – I can believe that it would, indeed, be a ‘moisture miracle’ if I did. This night cream leaves my skin feeling tauter and smooth and every morning that I wake up. Plus it smells like passion-fruit and mango; delicious!
  • ‘Make Yourself Youthful’ Rejuvenating Eye Cream: I use this little cream every night, underneath my eyes. It perfectly moisturises this area, making under-eye-concealer a task of the past. Plus, a little goes a long way of this product – I’ll still be using it in a few months!

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I hope you enjoyed my collection, and hopefully have a new-found-love for Soap & Glory, like myself. These products are so affordable and, more importantly, they work. I totally recommend the Soap & Glory range as a high-street option for any skincare-junkie!



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