Why Red Heads Should Wear Orange


With today’s post, I’m here to put to bed the notion that ‘red heads can’t wear orange’. Being a natural red head, I have always come across stereotypes of clothing-colours-which-suit-red-heads being forced upon me. I’m sure other red-haired women could relate to what I’m talking about (when you were choosing your school prom dress – how many times were you asked, “Are you buying a green dress?”). Of course,I’m aware that these earth-tones are great for red heads, which I touch upon in this post about khaki. And I’m also aware that every individual has colour tones which compliment them more than others. But I want to encourage red heads, and indeed blondes and brunettes, to push past these boundaries. Ultimately, I want to prove that there are “taboo” colours which red heads can wear. One of which, is orange.

As I mentioned before, I’m a natural red head, and I personally think orange is one of my colours. These warm tones are perfect for my fair skin, and help me to create a uniform look from head to toe (literally). Often when I wear orange, I find that my hair ironically looks darker. Also, if blondes can wear yellow and brunettes can wear brown, why can’t red heads wear orange? This doesn’t just apply to clothing, but I also find that orange-toned eyeshadows and lipsticks are also brilliant on red heads. The same applies to the colour red… Remember how gorgeous Nicole Kidman looked in Moulin Rouge wearing this red dress? The fact remains: these colours are perfect for us red-haired ladies.

So next time you’re on ASOS, don’t scroll past any orange or red pieces that you see – perhaps they’re worth adding to your cart. In fact, you can start with this orange ruffle mini dress. Happy shopping!



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Dress: ASOS | Heels: Kurt Geiger | Bag: Kurt Geiger | Blazer: H&M (similar here) | Earrings: H&M | Bracelet: ASOS


Photography By Liam McArdle

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