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  • La Vie Est Belle

    Alas, I confess that I missed my own photography for this blog. Whilst I love working with professional photographers for this platform, I do enjoy when myself and my boyfriend arrange to meet; Scouting lovely locations for photos; And the fun of snapping pictures together (Of course, he doesn’t enjoy it just as much as me).

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  • ZOEVA Vegan Face Brush Set

    You’re not a true beauty-tool enthusiast if you haven’t heard of ZOEVA. With major bloggers such as Zoella proclaiming to be fans, ZOEVA has established itself as a supplier of quality make-up brushes since it’s launch in 2008. Feeling I was a little late in jumping on the ZOEVA bandwagon, I decided to purchase the Vegan Face Set. 

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  • I’ve Got A Date With Winter

    You requested it and I’m delivering: Another fashion post featuring Little Mistress. This time I’m wearing a cosy red number, with a black lapel which contrasts the vibrant scarlet perfectly. Underneath, I’m showcasing a Girls On Film laced dress. The way the coat drapes, in a canopy silhouette, completely compliments the pairing with a dress such as this. […]

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  • H&M Does Urban Cool

    A brand which I’ve been more than obsessed with for AW15 is H&M. Admittedly, I’m a little late in flinging myself on the H&M express. Whilst I appreciated the reputable standing of the brand from a distance, I never took the time to truly examine its worth up-close. This outlook recently changed for three reasons: […]

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  • Autumnal Afternoons

    Hello everybody – I’m back with another fashion post (and I know it has been a while). As we blow Summer a goodnight kiss, the brisker season of Autumn is a welcoming site for me. It’s not a secret that this is my favourite time of year: I love the layering of garments, woolly jumpers, oversized scarves […]