I’ve Got A Date With Winter

Little Mistress Red Coat

You requested it and I’m delivering: Another fashion post featuring Little Mistress. This time I’m wearing a cosy red number, with a black lapel which contrasts the vibrant scarlet perfectly. Underneath, I’m showcasing a Girls On Film laced dress. The way the coat drapes, in a canopy silhouette, completely compliments the pairing with a dress such as this. Furthermore, it just drops short a few inches at the bottom, meaning the lace hem of the gown is on display underneath. Remember, however, that these thicker winter materials are in need of accessories which will add a subtle hint of sparkle. Here I’m wearing a bejewelled, yet not over-powering, statement necklace from Topshop. It adds a nice touch to an evening ensemble. A cherry on top of a Little Mistress teacake, if you will.

This most certainly won’t be last time I’ll be visiting Little Mistress, and Girls On Film has another surprise coming on my blog (watch this space). I’ve also decided to become more professional in my approach to my blog’s photography. Here I’ve partnered up with the very lovely, Gary McGreevy – whom I’ve worked with on photoshoots before. I want to thank his talent and devotion to make these photographs as visually dynamic as they are. I adore the clean and classic appeal to these pictures and I hope you’ll all agree!

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  1. Pamela says: Reply

    I Kathryn! I really enjoyed reading the post and you look gorgeous in that outfit! I liked how the red is complementing the black! good post 🙂 Pamela


    1. Aw thank you Pamela! X

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