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A brand which I’ve been more than obsessed with for AW15 is H&M. Admittedly, I’m a little late in flinging myself on the H&M express. Whilst I appreciated the reputable standing of the brand from a distance, I never took the time to truly examine its worth up-close. This outlook recently changed for three reasons: One, I’m now living with a housemate that eats, sleeps and breathes H&M clothing (“Where did you get your skirt, Ciara?” “Do you really have to ask?”); Two, now that I work at Michael Kors – House of Fraser, Victoria Square, Belfast – I find myself repeatedly browsing through the different clothing companies that the shopping centre has to offer, H&M being one of them; And three, I’ve been searching for a very affordable brand which fits all of my fashion criteria, something H&M does superbly.

So off to H&M I marched with a 20% student discount code,followed by picking an entire outfit which I loved… Only to discover upon my return home that my house-mate actually owned all of the pieces I had bought. Something that we both laughed at for quite a while. Typical.

Regardless, I do very much adore all of the garments and accessories, some of which have let me in disbelief about how cheap they were for the quality I’d received. I think this look perfectly encompasses a “city girl” theme, with a street style that is common place during New York or London fashion week.

I hope you all enjoy! Until next time,



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Outfit Links

  1. Boots: here
  2. Top: here
  3. Jeggings: here


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