Hello September!

Good morning, my lovelies! (I say ‘morning’, when in actual fact it’s the late afternoon; the consequences of being ill!) Whilst I was scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning (again, afternoon) I happened to notice a little post by the lovely Holly from ‘Lady Life’ blog – issuing a small check-list of things for her to look forward to this upcoming month. Reading through her charming little list, I became inspired and compelled to create my own! For me particularly, September is going to be a very exciting month with lots of new beginnings and happenings.

So if you would like to know what my goals are this month, then please keep reading!

Get Out Of Bed

That’s an order. Seriously, no more of this lazing about in bed until after noon-time – it’s time to create a healthier and more regimented sleeping routine. One which consists of going to bed at an adequate time and actually rising in the morning. It may sound like a ‘no-brainer’, but believe me, something as simple as setting a good sleeping pattern for yourself is one of the best things you can do. You’ll feel the benefits in no time.

Set A New Goal For Each Day

I believe this is one of the healthiest viewpoints to take with planning out your day. Don’t create an endless bullet-pointed to-do-list with the ten or twenty things you have to achieve today. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure within no time. Instead, opt for a single, realistic aim for the day approaching. Remember, if your expectations are actually attainable, there’ll be less cause for disappointment.

Write More, Blog More, Post More!

This is something I’m admittedly a little guilty of. I’ve touched on this before in one of my Instagram posts. Simply, I can become too ‘perfectionist’ when it comes to this blog. You may read that as a good quality to have, but it comes with it’s detrimental flaws. If I deem a post not to be prepped, polished and perfect – I can so easily toss the very idea of it to the side. Instead, I want to have more fun with my blog. By embracing a new and more positive attitude, I hope to enhance the positivity of Kathryn’s Katwalk. A promise that I plan to keep.

Clear-Out That Room Of Yours

As you may expect, I am a Class-A, stereotypical, down-right ridiculous hoarder of all kinds of things (but particularly clothes). I have so much storage available in my bedroom, but I’m sad to say that I do not sufficiently use it. Some of my drawers are over-flowing with expired and, quite frankly, useless items that I need to set aside the time to rummage through, and dispose off. Only then can I expect to have clearer and less hectic environment to wake up to: That means; no make-up and jewellery stacked on the dressing table, no more ‘100 pairs of shoes stuffed underneath my wardrobe’, and no more piles of paper and files perched on the edge of my desk. A clean environment will contribute to a cleaner mind. Long may it last.

Make The Most Of New Opportunities

I have so many new exciting new plans awaiting me this month and season. For one, I have a cute new apartment to move into with a best-friend. I also have managed to get a new and fabulous job with Michael Kors. Oh, and not to mention a new year and semester of University. Putting it simple – I want to approach these new gifts with the right attitude. I want to work hard, approach them with the right attitude, and embrace them with an open mind. Let’s not allow stress or anxiety interrupt these new beginnings you may have; be excited, and realise how lucky you are!

So that’s a wrap, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this more light-hearted post and perhaps have taken some endearing inspiration from it. For me, September is a time of change for everyone – almost like a second ‘New Years’ in the middle of the calender year. So I think it’s a great idea to set some targets for yourself at this time for you to strive to achieve!

Get excited, a new time is approaching!

Wishing you many blessings this season,

Kathryn x


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  1. I basically want to achieve exactly all the goals that you have set yourself, especially making the most of new opportunities. Getting out of your comfort zone and getting out there to experience new things that come your way is a great way to grow as a person.

    I had previously written a whole list of what I wanted to achieve that day, but of course I never succeeded which made me feel bad about myself, so I changed it to the top 3 three realistic things that I could achieve in the day, and I found myself making a lot more progress!

    I hope you achieve all your goals, and look forward to hearing more about it 🙂

    Emily | Always Emily | Bloglovin’

    1. Thank you Emily! I love making little wish-lists every now and again to remind myself of what my targets are. It’s so so important to set realistic goals too – the key to everything in life is moderation anyway! Thank you for your lovely comment! x

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