Farewell To Easter With Lush Cosmetics

Easter 2015 collection at lush cosmeticsIt was about a month ago when I was strolling down the high street, before I caught a waft of the irresistible aromatic fragrances which seem to swim towards you in massive waves from the Lush Cosmetics store. And I blame that waft, that exact same waft, for pushing me into the shop, before forcing me to later leave £30 poorer. Bloody waft…

But before I veer off-track; upon entering the shop I was immediately assisted by a very kind sales assistant, who was extremely pleasant and immensely helpful. Upon me briefly telling her how I was a beauty blogger, she showed no hesitation in showing me their selection of new products. It was then that I really began to sink into the, “Omg-I’m-Just-So-Excited-For-Easter” mode, as they had the prettiest and most enchanting display of Lush’s Easter Range. From bubble bars shaped as carrots to gigantic Easter-egg bath bombs – There was a bath accessory to please anyone in need of a pamper for Easter time.

“Hoppity Poppity” Bath Bomb

Easter Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb - Lush

Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. When you’re down, bounce back with this fantastically fizzy little bunny, who has been burrowing amongst fresh violet leaf and lavender. Drop this restorative rabbit into the bath for a fresh, herbal experience which will leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Popping candy adds a little fun.”

This how Lush describe this simply adorable little bath bomb… I must say, I liked this little guy: He ignited a lovely floral scent, which wasn’t too overpowering, and literally fizzed as it dissolved. However, if you’re someone who favours a bright an colourful bath bomb, then Hoppity is perhaps not for you; he instead turns your bath water cloudy (with the slightest hint of a pink hue). But nevertheless, I enjoyed his magic.

Shop “Hoppity Poppity” HERE.

“Immaculate Eggception” Bath Bombs

Immaculate Eggception bath bomb at lush - easter 2015

What came first: the chicken, the egg or the bunny? Normally we’d advise you not to count your eggs before they’re hatched but in this case it’s safe to say there is a surprise waiting inside…Break your gorgeously zesty yellow egg in two to find another bunny bath bomb inside, giving you enough fun for three baths this Easter. “

These are the two bath bombs which I am definitely the most excited about trying. I mean, come on, look at them. I’m envisaging a fabulous firework display to rise from my bath tub when I plunk one of these bad boys into the water. Plus with them being reusable for up to three times, what’s not to like?

Shop “Immaculate Eggception (Yellow)” HERE

“Secret Garden” Bath Bomb & “Golden Egg” Bath Bomb Melt

Secret Garden bath bomb and Golden Egg bath bomb melt - lush cosmetics - easterOkay, so I know that “Secret Garden” isn’t technically an Easter-exclusive bath bomb at Lush. But with it’s pop of pink and green colours, rosy fragrance and floral content – it seemed to scream out, “Easter!” at me. (Well, that and the fact it was resting beside all of the other Easter bath bombs in the shop, so I mistakenly took it to be part of the Easter range too. Standard.)

Unlock the door to tranquility and discover a bouquet of flower petals in your bath with this fragrant rose absolute bomb.”

Whilst this bath bomb does have very redeeming features, especially with leaving little petals in your bath, I didn’t have a very good time with it. I partially blame myself for this, as it was a bath where I had to vigorously ex-foliate and scrub off the remainder of my fake tan – Not a chore which is made for a herbal and aromatic bath tub. Also this one turned my bath water into a dirty green, and almost “muddy” colour, which isn’t something I would usually look for in a bath. However, if you are one who favours a bath which gets you as ‘back to nature’ as you possibly could be, this product is made for you.

Shop “Secret Garden” HERE

Whilst I was chatting away to the friendly sales assistant that I previously mentioned, she was kind enough to pick up a little golden egg and pop into a bag for me to take home as a kind gesture. I want to thank her very much for that, because this bath bomb looks amazing. With gold glitter and a chocolatey scent, this is a luxurious product which is designed for a day when you need a little pick-me-up. Seeing as it is a bath bomb melt, it would have benefits for your skin too. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. Just be careful not to get the glitter everywhere, as it could prove quite messy.

How do you like your legs in the morning?

We like ours soaking in molten gold and honey-toffee scented.”

Bunch Of Carrots” Bubble Bar

Bubble bar - bunch of carrots - easter range - lush

Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing.”

When it comes to value for money, these little carrots win with flying colours. How to use them? Run them under running bath water and let them take care of the rest. I mean it when I say, you will be shocked how many bubbles that just the very tip of one of these carrots and create. I reckon I’ll be able to conjure up three bubble baths from just one of these carrots, and then some. So if you crave some bubbles for Easter, these little Lush vegetables are the one for you.

That concludes my experience with Lush this Easter. Between that, and the amazing smell which radiates from my bathroom when I walk past it, I’m a happy bunny. Or Easter bunny in this case (terrible pun, I know).

Lush Easter Range 2015 - Kathryns Katwalk

I particularly want to thank the staff at Lush Belfast for their amazing service. Whilst I left the store feeling very happy with my purchases, I was even more impressed with the helpfulness of their employees.

Last but not least, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter folks! I really don’t want these holidays to end, and for the dreaded examinations period to begin (ugh).

I’ll be back very soon! I hope you’re all keeping well.



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    I can never go past Lush an not come in to smell something. Can only imagine how good your flat smells now x


  2. I really like the carrot bubble bar . I want to try it. Maybe you are interested in my blog because I am also a lush lover , its call mypinkteddybear.wordpress.com

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