Beauty Swap With Stylista Fitness

Beauty Swap Kathryn's Katwalk - Stylista Fitness - NYX makeupI have a very exciting and new post to share with you today: An international beauty swap! A while ago I had the pleasure of finding the ever-so-lovely Melissa from Stylista Fitness through social media. After a while of chatting, we both thought it would be a fun and fabulous idea to collaborate for a blog post – One which we get to share with you wonderful make-up products which might not be available in our home countries (sigh).

How Does A Beauty Swap Work?

  1. The first thing which me and Melissa did was to set a budget. Please bear this in mind if you ever think of doing something like this for yourself; You don’t want to end up accidentally spending much more than your recipient. On that note, myself and Melissa both agreed to a budget of $30, which is equivalent to around £15 in the UK.
  2. The next thing me and Melissa did was to ask each other, what are our make-up preferences? Are we part of “I’m a lipstick junkie and I’m proud” clan, or are we the kind of people that are instantly bowled over by a sparkly new eyeshadow kit? As it turns out, me and Melissa fell into both categories respectively. Funny that.
  3. After we traded our beauty cravings to each other, we then talked into more depth: What colours do we like? What brands have we always wanted to try? Are there any particular things that we feel our own make-up drawers are lacking? Once we answered these key questions, it was a lot easier to choose the best and most suitable products for each other.
  4. This is the fun part: Let’s. Go. Shopping! Go to Boots, pick up your goodies, and have fun! (Just please promise me you won’t spend £50 on make-up for yourself like I did, okay?)
  5. Once we had our products, we shared our home addresses, wrapped up our make-up and sent them overseas.

Aaaaaand BOOM, there you have it. It’s that simple!

Beauty Swap Stylista Fitness - Welcome Card
Sidenote: Thank you SO much for your sweet little card Melissa!


What Melissa Sent Me

Oh, wow. And I mean, oh wow. Queue the voice inside my head saying, “NYX. NYX everywhere” on repeat. For years I have been listening to American beauty gurus on YouTube, raving about this brand of cosmetics, which sadly I cannot purchase in my local drugstores. But now, I have some NYX products that I can call my own… Thanks for that Melissa!

I may have mention to Melissa once or twice (or ten times) that I’m a lipstick hoarder. Call me a lipstick magpie if you will, but I won’t rest until she has every single colour under the sun. In that regard, Melissa happened to send four lip products in neutral and nude colours, which are great for everyday wear. Two of these are part of the ‘Butter Lipstick’ collection by NYX, which offers great long-lasting colours that are very moisturising; great for the chapped lips I’ve been getting recently! She also sent me a ‘Simply Nude’ crayon in a peachy tone which matches well with my complexion, and a ‘Butter Gloss’ for my worries.

Overall, I’m a happy camper!

NYX lip products - makeup swap

And last, but most certainly not least, Melissa Absolutely spoiled me by sending me this beautiful ‘Dream Catcher Palette’. The shades are simply gorgeous, neutral by nature, which pops of subtle cool blue hues. This pallette is called ‘Stormy Skies’ and is fast becoming an everyday staple in my make-up regime.

NYX eyeshadow palette - kathryns katwalk

And so, that’s it for my beauty swap! Thank you so much again to Stylista Fitness for this fun experience and for all  my lovely new make-up products. I hope I’ll get the opportunity to do something like this again, so contact me if you’re a blogger who is interested in collaborating with Kathryn’s Katwalk!

Want to know what I got Melissa? Read her blog post HERE:

I’ll be back soon lovebugs!

Mwah x

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