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Boots Beauty Haul 1Well it may be well overdue… But, alas, I am finally going to start writing about beauty in my blog. Having said that, I feel that I should begin by stating that I am not a make-up artist – I have no official qualifications in the beauty industry. All of my knowledge of make-up has been adapted through an extensive history of personal trial-and-error; reading thousands upon thousands of beauty blogs; and having an overwhelming love for cosmetics that only one or two (or fifty) shopping sprees can control.

However, I have a confession to make: Up until a year or two ago, I was a self-proclaimed make-up snob. That’s right, I was that girl who would refuse to buy her foundation or lipstick in Boots or Superdrug, because at the end of the day “if it isn’t from Debenhams, it isn’t worth anything”. Looking back, I’m surprised my friends didn’t roll their eyes more often at my naïvety. After all, as Alexander McQueen said, “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” The same goes for cosmetics. Please do not be fooled in thinking that a products price tag declares it’s true worth. Because believe me, I have been just as disappointed by a £25 foundation as I have been by a £3 eye-liner pencil. It is important to know than the most precious of jewels can also be found in the most uninteresting looking treasure chests.

That’s why whenever I was kindly given a gift card to redeem in Boots, I couldn’t help myself. These are all products that I have wanted to purchase for quite a while now because the great reputation that they carry. Most of them are currently on offer in boots or have a reduction in price, so snatch them up while you still can!

Rimmel “Wake Me Up” Foundation

Boots Beauty Haul 4The newest kid on the block that gets a lot of hype, and for good reason. The creamy consistency is subtly speckled with illuminating sparkles, giving the appearance of glowing skin (hence the name, “Wake Me Up”). Not only that, but the formulation contains essential peptides which aid in the elasticity of your skin, preventing pre-mature skin ageing.  Established beauty bloggers such as Zoella swear by it. Being a full-coverage girl for a long time now, and feeling that it was beginning to weigh me down, let’s hope that I enjoy the lighter coverage that this foundation offers!

Bourjois Paris ‘Delice de Poudre’ Bronzing Powder

Boots Beauty Haul 2Boots Beauty Haul 3This is the product that I am possibly the most excited to try. I mean, come on, LOOK AT IT. How could anybody resist buying a bronzer that takes on the appearance of a chocolate bar? That, and the sweet smell it produces, make me almost want to eat it… Don’t worry, I won’t. But I almost could. However, whilst the appearance is a great selling point for this product, it also happens to be a brilliant bronzer. I love the dual-purpose of it: It can be used for contouring as well as an all-over face bronzer, with extremely subtle shimmers. Overall: A five star product.

Bourjois ‘Rouge Edition’ Lipstick

 Boots Beauty Haul 5Whilst I was gazing at the alluring Bourjois stand, I decided to pick up another couple of Rouge Edition lipsticks. A few months ago I posted this Instagram photo of myself sporting my latest love for this lipstick in the colour ’18 Violine Strass’, the perfect plum shade to carry me through the Winter months. But bearing in mind that Spring-time is fast approaching, I have been searching for more neutral/nude shades to help me transition between seasons. Therefore the colour two that I picked up were ’02 Beige Trench’ and ’04 Rose Tweed’: Beige Trench is a pale, blue-toned, pink shade which would be perfect to wear with a smoky eye; Rose Tweed is a slightly deeper shade which rose undertones, making it the perfect ‘your lip colour, only better’ colour for everyday wear. I simple adore the pigmentation and hydrating effects of these lipsticks. They also last an extraordinary amount of time (my Violine Strass is still going strong), making them a staple for your handbag.
Boots Beauty Haul 6

Nail Paints By ‘Barry M’

Boots Beauty Haul 7Next up, is nail polish. Being a devoted lover of Barry M nail polishes for an incredibly long time, I couldn’t resist adding a few more bottles to my collection. I am in love with the quality of these nail polishes – they fast-drying, only require a maximum of two coats, are highly pigmented, and almost impossible to chip. The colours that I popped into my basket are ‘Raspberry’, ‘Berry Ice Cream’ and Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in ‘Diamond’. ‘Raspberry’ is a beautiful berry shade for this time of year, a perfect pairing with my plum lipsticks. ‘Berry Ice Cream’ is a gorgeous lavender colour, in a trendy tone of pastel which is very popular. As for the Jewel Glitter paint, this is a must have for nail art lovers everywhere. You could have the dullest colour colour on your nails, but one topcoat of this wonderful polish will bring them to life. The sparkles at the bottom of the bottle are slightly bigger, shrinking in size as you scan towards the top. This will create a ‘gradient’ effect on your nails respectively.

Bourjois ‘Effet 3D’ Lipgloss

Boots Beauty Haul 8When I glanced back towards the Bourjois section, I happened to notice that they had a special offer on: A free lip product when you spend more than £12 on all Bourjois cosmetics. Well, it would have just been rude for me not to. When I was a young teenager I remember I used to be obsessed with lipglosses, having every colour under the sun. But when I started discovering more and more into lipsticks, I found this obsession gently fading away… Therefore I decided to snatch a little gloss, seeing as my selection at home was remarkably low. In reviewing this product, I am going to keep it simple: Good consistency, long-wearing, perfect pigmentation, not sticky, looks good and tastes even better. I must say, I am very impressed. Maybe my lipgloss infatuation will soon return.

PS. this colour is ’03 Brun Rosé’.

Maybelline ‘Great Lash’ Mascara

Boots Beauty Haul 10

A classic. For a lot of girls (and I mean, a lot of girls), this mascara is often the first make-up product they have ever bought. Looking at the packaging, its obvious why this is the case. With bright colours of baby pink and contrasting green, it’s like something plucked out of a Crayola dream. But looking beyond the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mascara. It did a superb job at defining my lashes, meaning that I could apply coat after coat without producing any nasty clumps. And considering that it only retails at £4.99, it’s a make-up must-have that’s worth investing in.

Maybelline Color Tattoo – 24hr Cream Eyeshadow

Boots Beauty Haul 11

This is something that I have been very eager to try for a considerable amount of time now. Any cosmetic-junkie would have heard many things about Maybelline’s Colour Tattoos. Bright, long-wearing, easy to apply – they’re everything one could ask for in a cream eyeshadow. These are great for anyone that finds themselves rushing in the mornings; one swipe of this across your lid with your finger, and you’re good to go. This shade is ‘Rose Gold’, I can imagine myself using this as a base for multiple colours in my Naked 3 palette. Seriously, how gorgeous does this look?

Boots Beauty Haul 12

Toni&Guy Haircare

Boots Beauty Haul 13

The last section that I roamed through in Boots happened to be the haircare section. For a few months now I have been indulging myself in Toni&Guy hair shampoos and conditioners, seeking a change from my usual Aveda Shampure. Needless to say, I have been absolutely adoring these products.

I use the ‘Cleanse’ shampoo and ‘Nourish’ conditioner for dry hair two or three times a week, and I have noticed fantastic results. It as a wonder for me to find shampoos or conditioners targeted specifically at dry hair, which will not leave my hair looking greasy or oily. But these two wonder-products are an exception – they leave my hair looking glossy and smooth. Alongside these this pair, is the the ‘Nourish’ reconstruction mask – a hair mask that works wonders. I use this as a conditioner fore my hair after I have cleansed it; I leave it on my hair only a couple of minutes before rinsing. I have noticed an incredible difference in the condition of my hair ever since I have started using this mask once a week, it has never felt softer.

I highly recommend Toni&Guy for anyone who would like a little hair therapy, without having to injure their bank balance.

And there you have it: My Boots beauty haul. I hope you found this in some way enjoyable, or that I have perhaps helped you make a decision in whether or not you should buy any of these products.

Here are all the links that you need in order to purchase online:

  1. Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation
  2. Bourjois ‘Delice de Poudre’ Bronzing Powder
  3. Bourjous Rouge Edition Lipsticks
  4. Barry M Nail Paints
  5. Bourjous Effet 3D Lipgloss
  6. Maybelline ‘Great Lash’ Mascara
  7. Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos
  8. Toni&Guy Hair Care

I’ll be back soon with another beauty post. I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!



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  1. Ana says: Reply

    I absolutely love these colour tattoos!

    1. They’re amazing! A great dupe for Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows x

  2. I’ve been trying to incorporate more drugstore makeup into my routine as I’ve found some real gems for great prices 🙂 I’m also a big fan of that Bourjois bronzing powder and I’d definitely recommend their Healthy Mix foundation if you haven’t tried it yet xx

    Love and Marmalade

    1. You really cant beat a bargain! Oh I must try that one, thanks for the tip! I really want to try out their Healthy Mix Serum as well xx

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything bad about the Bourjois chocolate bronzer, I really want to try it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You really should, it’s amazing! X

  4. soudns like good products!


    1. I love them all! x

  5. cherri says: Reply

    I love Bourjois, I especially love their 3D lipgloss it looks amazing on! I’ve never tried the Wake Me Up foundation, but so many people swear by it so i’m tempted to buy it!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I’m just wearing their 3D lipgloss alone today, it’s great! Wake Me Up is a lovely low coverage foundation, so easy to apply and has a lovely perfumed scent xx

  6. Love the nail colours!

    1. Me too! x

  7. Emma says: Reply

    Hi dear!
    I bought the Bourjois powder and the 3D lip gloss and I absolultelly love them…
    Great post!!!
    Love reading you.

    1. Oh that’s so good to hear that you love them as much as I do! Thank you! Love reading you too 🙂 Keep in touch xx

    1. Thank you Emma! Loved your last blog post x

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